“You’re a fake big man” – Sidechick Deborah goes hard and raw on First Atlantic Bank CFO once again

In a candid and emotionally charged expression, Deborah Seyram Adablah has raised her voice against what she sees as a troubling trend among some Ghanaian men who reclaim gifts given to their partners after a relationship ends.

The current disheartened state of Adablah’s emotions is evident as she addressed the disheartening story of Serwaa and Ridwan, drawing parallels to her own experiences with her former sugar daddy, Ernest Kwasi Nimako, the disgraced First National Bank CFO.

In the new trending video, Deborah labelled as Mr Kwasi Nimako and Ridwan as ‘fake big men.’

She passionately asserted that true big men would never reclaim gifts given to their partners, especially in the aftermath of a breakup.

Evidently, the catalyst for Adablah’s emotional expression appears to be the widely discussed story of Serwaa and Ridwan.

The tale of Ridwan leaving Serwaa after 11 years together and threatening to take back a Range Rover and close her shop, resonates deeply with what Adablah suffered a few months ago.

Recall that after Mr. Kwasi Nimako broke up with Deborah, he took back the car he bought for her and also refused to renew her rent.

This is why she sued him but woefully lost at the law court.

Watch the video below to know more…

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