“My husband doesn’t want to stop cheating” – Born again former sidechic cries out

A Nigerian lady who claims to be a former side chic has taken to social media to express her displeasure with her husband’s propensity of infidelity which is having a negative tow on their married life.

She used to cheat with married guys, but now that she’s married, she’s chosen to change her ways and hoped to get a better man but her husband is her past version.

According to her, the scenario has left her in the same position she was in when she was still seeing other women’s spouses.

She wrote; “Married people only. why did you cheat? I am no longer a side chick; I have repented but my husband is yet to change. Biko is there any possibility that he will change? I am really hurting have tasted enough dose of what I dished to other women in the past.”

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