Nana Ama Mcbrown and her husband were always fighting because of UTV

Nana Ama Mcbrown’s resignation from UTV to join ONUA TV has been tagged as ‘infamous’ citing the controversies surrounding it.

Some workers at Despite Media as well as some social media users strongly believe the actress stabbed Despite and Fadda Dickson in the back because irrespective of the queenly treatment they gave her – She left like a night thief without notice.Others have also argued that she did the right thing because change is constant and none stays at one’s side forever not even our own shadows.As suggested by the latter, sometimes changing jobs leads to growth hence it isn’t advisable for one to remain stagnant and too comfortable.


To make changes in one’s life for a better future. Loyalty to your employer is not the best idea because they can fire you at any timAmidst all this brouhaha, new audio that has surfaced online and caused a massive stir alleges that there was a fire in Mcbrown’s home during her stay at UTV.

According to the lady who spoke in the viral audio and seems to know more about the matrimonial woes of Mcbrown and the genesis of her media career at UTV – The actress’ husband was not very pleased with her working hourse.As claimed by the lady, because Mcbrown hosted a late-night show, she always arrived home around 2 am – And this always led to heated arguments between her and the hubby who wanted her to quit.

The lady additionally alleged that Mcbrown’s husband told her to propose to the producers of the show of the time could be changed so that she could arrive home early to take care of their daughter but it all fell on deaf ears.

And in the course of one of their intense discussion about Mcbrown’s working hours, Maxwell angrily pushed her and unfortunately, he landed on her already broken arm from the accident she had about a decade ago which made the pain very severe.


And that was the reason behind her long absence on UTV somewhere last year before returning and eventually quitting.


Apparently, Mr Maxwell Mensah wasn’t happy during Mcbrown’s 3-year stay at UTV because of her ‘worrisome’ closing hours.

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