Trending video of a GH man kneeling to thank God after leaving Ghana and safely arriving in the US

In a heartwarming display of gratitude and wonder, a Ghanaian man has captured the hearts of netizens worldwide after he was filmed saying a heartfelt prayer upon safely arriving in the United States.

The unidentified man’s emotional expression of thanks to God for the journey and his awe at the new surroundings has resonated deeply with online audiences.

The video, which was first shared on Twitter by the user @maameamaadoma shows the man reciting his prayers of gratitude shortly after landing at Boston Logan International Airport.

Clearly, the grateful man took a moment to reflect on his life back in Ghana as he saw a new environment surrounded by the captivating skyline and the bustling roads of the American city.

The purity of his gratitude and the evident sense of wonderment in his eyes as he surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings struck a chord with viewers, touching hearts across social media platforms.

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