Moment Beyoncé’s dancer saves her from wardrobe malfunction during ‘Renaissance’ tour

American singer and songwriter , Beyonce narrowly avoided a nip slip during her recent show in Germany — thanks to one of her dancers.

During Beyonce Renaissance tour stop in Hamburg Wednesday night, the “Cuff It” singer, 41, took the stage in a hot pink halter gown with dual hip-high slits from her own label, Ivy Park.

As she performed her No. 1 hit “Break My Soul,” one of the straps from the style started to slip.

Luckily, one of the brothers from French dance group Les Twins — which consists of Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois — sprang into action, jumping in front of Beyoncé to block the screaming crowd from seeing anything.

He grabbed the Grammy winner’s hand, placing it on the top part of her sequined dress to indicate she needed to do a quick adjustment.

The moment was captured on video by members of the audience, and fans gushed over how her longtime dancer saved the day.

“The professionalism, the slickness, the simplicity in his movement placing her own hand where she needed to cover! too good,” commented one fan.

“Now that is talent. That he saw something happening and didn’t miss a beat while performing and allowed her to fix it. Love Les Twins,” added another.

watch Beyonce performance in Germany  below

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