“Chelsea Will Buy You”: Talented Old Woman Plays Football in a Skilful Way, Dances With it in Viral Video

A 16 seconds video trending on TikTok shows a skilful older woman beautifully playing football Just like a trained professional, the older woman juggled the ball beautifully without allowing it to fall The excellent video currently has millions of views from football lovers who described the woman as talented

No fewer than 3.1 million TikTok fans have seen a video of an older woman who knows how to play football. In the video posted by @sportsinsociety, the woman displayed beautiful skills that have got many people praising her.

The TikTok video opens with the woman first juggling the ball with confidence. She did not allow it to fall to the ground as she held on to it for many seconds.

When she finally let the ball drop, she picked it up again, but this time, she held it between her legs and danced with it.

Watch the video below:



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