“A True Legend”: Little Boy in Uniform Screams as His Head Gets Stuck in Burglary Proof, Video Trends

A heartbreaking video of a little boy struggling with a burglary proof in school has gone viral on TikTok In the video, the little boy’s head got stuck in the burglary proof after he tried to stick his head out of the window Social media users have reacted massively to the video, with many people sharing their experiences as children

A little Nigerian boy has caused a frenzy online after his head got stuck in a burglary proof. The little boy tried to stick his head out of the burglary proof, but sadly, his head got stuck.

In the video, some men came around with a hammer and some other equipment to help the child and rescue him from harm.

After a while, they were able to bring out the child’s head from the burglary proof.

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