Yaa Jackson blast her boyfriend on social media after he called her his ‘baby mama’ (see screenshots)

Yaa Jackson, a young actress and musician, lost it on Snapchat, calling her “husband” out after he referred to her as his “baby mama.”

Yaa Jackson, who is furious with NBA Manuel, has fired him on Snapchat for being dishonest and treating her like an option.

Yaa Jackson claims that although her man presents himself as a tough guy on social media, he is really just pleading and looking to prove himself.

Yaa Jackson also criticized him for acting as though she was pressuring him while, in reality, he was making every effort to maintain their relationship.

She went on to warn him to leave her out of his internet banter with girls.
According to several reports, Yaa Jackson and her boyfriend are having problems and want to break up.

According to reports, Manuel is in the DMs of girls, trying to look for the opportunity to sleep with them.

Blogger Tutugyagu claimed that despite Manuel’s repeated infidelity, Yaa Jackson had forgiven him and had a child with him, believing that doing so would bind him to her.

Look at the post below:

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