“Wahala be like bicycle,” watch big girl entertaing her admirers with her beautiful moves

Wahala be like bicycle. It’s a saying that perfectly captures the essence of trouble or drama that seems to always find a way into our lives.

Just like a bicycle, the troubles keep on coming, sometimes fast and furious, and we find ourselves trying to navigate through them, hoping not to fall.

But amidst all the wahala, there are moments of joy and entertainment that can lift our spirits. One such moment is watching a fat girl, full of confidence, entertaining her admirers with her beautiful moves.


She defies societal expectations and stereotypes, embracing her body and showcasing her talent. Her dance moves are a testament to her strength and self-assurance.

With every step she takes, she exudes a magnetic energy that captivates everyone around her.

Her admirers, in awe of her grace and beauty, cheer her on with genuine enthusiasm. They recognize that talent knows no boundaries, and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


In that moment, everyone is united in appreciation of her talent, forgetting about their own troubles and worries.


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