“She Is Amazing”: Curvy Lady With Small Stature Dances And Shakes Waist With Man, Video Trends On TikTok

  • A lady who is small in stature has caused a lot of reactions on TikTok after she danced with a tall man
  • 20 million people have seen the video which showed the lady shaking her waist with excitement
  • Their dance session has generated a whole lot of reactions from TikTok users who are fascinated by the lady’s size

20 million dance lovers on TikTik are delighted by the video of a lady who looks small but curvy.

The video posted by @elchinord281_ showed the lady dancing with a man who looked much taller than she is.


Apart from gaining 20 million views, the video has received 271,000 likes as well as 3,000 comments and 64,000 shares.

Video of a smallish lady goes viral on TikTok


The dance between the lady and the man is so amazing that some people are trying hard to figure out the relationship between the two.

It is not clear if the dance video is a recorded skit, but TikTok users noticed that the smallish lady had a bottle in her hand as she danced.


Also, two other ladies were seen standing and gisting beside the fence as the man continued to dance with the smallish lady.


Despite her small stature, the lady proved to be a good dancer as she shook her body well. Also, TikTok users noticed her amazing beauty and praised her in the comment section.


Watch the video below:


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