She Gyms for A Living – Netizens Trolls Becca For Always Sharing Workout Video Since Quitting Music

Becca, a popular Ghanaian musician, has been criticized for spending all her time in the gym since quitting music.

– Becca’s transformation: Once known for her silky smooth voice, Becca now focuses on fitness and regularly shares workout videos.
– A curious social media user directly asks Becca if she has stopped making music.
– Becca remains silent, but the online community discusses her absence from the music scene.

Becca Faces Backlash Over Gym Obsession: Is She Done with Music?

Ghanaian musician Becca, known for serenading Ghanaians and Africans with her silky smooth voice, has recently been the subject of trolling due to her newfound obsession with fitness. Once a beloved singer, Becca now floods social media platforms with her workout videos, leaving fans wondering if she has completely abandoned her music career.

In a recent post about her intense workout routine, a curious netizen took matters into their own hands and directly asked Becca the burning question on everyone’s mind: “Aunty Becca, please I wanted to ask you something. Have you stopped making music?”

While Becca chose not to respond to this inquiry, the social media community made up for her silence. The online world buzzed with discussions about Becca’s absence from the music scene and her apparent shift towards a fitness-focused lifestyle.

“Since she didn’t reply you…i will do that on her behalf….yes we don’t do music again…we gym for a living anaaa gym ny3 adwuma anaaa?,” blogger those called celebs wrote in reply.

It’s undeniable that Becca’s transformation has caught many by surprise. Gone are the days when she captivated audiences with her enchanting voice, leaving them craving for more. Now, her Instagram feed is flooded with videos of intense workouts, showcasing her dedication to physical fitness.

Some fans have expressed disappointment, longing for Becca’s musical talents to once again grace the charts and airwaves. They wonder if her newfound passion for the gym has completely consumed her and if she has left her music career behind for good.

As the discussions continue to unfold online, one thing remains clear: Becca’s shift from music to fitness has left fans and followers pondering her future in the industry. Will she ever return to serenade us with her soulful melodies, or has she found a new calling in the world of fitness?

Only time will tell what path Becca will choose to take. Until then, fans can only hope that she will strike a balance between her love for fitness and her undeniable talent as a musician.

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