“She go do Hook up last night?” – Hairstylist Catches Apprentice Sleeping in front of her Madam, She recorded her (Watch)

An apprentice who got tired during work decided to crash on a chair, and she dozed off without fear.

Even though her madam was present in the salon, the apprentice slept off on duty.

Her madam captured her in a video, which she posted on TikTok. She said her apprentice loved to sleep a lot.

The apprentice stood and relaxed her head on a chair as she dozed with her mouth open.


The video was captioned:


“This girl can sleep for Africa. How much should I deduct from her salary?”


When she posted the video on TikTok, many people suggested that the woman should have given her apprentice a bed. The video was shared by @pesbeautyandbrows.


Watch the video

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