Ogidi Brown dresses as a beggar to test people on the streets [video]

Ghanaian musician and manager Ogidi Brown dressed as a homeless man and begged people on the streets of Accra.

He hired a makeup artist to dress him up as an old homeless man with dirty clothes so that he could see how it feels to be in that situation

His experiment has gained reactions among netizens, who were surprised to see how some people treated him

Ghanaian musician Ogidi Brown dressed as a homeless man and stormed the street of Accra to beg for money.

The project started in 2021, according to the artiste, and it was purported to give him a feel of how it is to be homeless and incapacitated simultaneously.

Ogidi Brown changed his wheelchair as well to hide his identity since he could be noticed by people who had seen him in it.

Many people ignored him and passed by without giving him any money, except a ‘pure water seller’ who was gracious enough to offer him some money.

Watch Ogidi Brown beggar test video below:


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