Meet Ghana’s new richest man Mr Nick Danso Adjei Abbeam

Ghana is blessed with over 500 millionaires in dollars at the moment – Some are widely known whiles a majority of them prefer to remain anonymous for reasons best known to them.

Some of the famous rich men we know in the country are very loud and don’t go a day without flaunting their riches on social media.

Looking for one of Ghana’s coolest ‘billionaires’ that doesn’t rely on the media for controversies or to display his wealth?

Mr Nick Danso Adjei Abbeam should be the first name that comes to mind despite not being known by over 90% of Ghanaians because of how he prefers to stay lowkey.

Mr Nick Danso Abeam despite being less famous is adored by many Ghanaians and even those outside the country.

In this article, we are going to talk about the anonymous self-billionaire who is as humble as a grateful salesman.

Who is Mr Nick Danso Adjei Abbeam

Mr Nick Danso Adjei Abbeam is the Chairman of Ghana Link Network Services, an Information Technology Company that provides customized robust, and versatile trade facilitation solutions to its clients through continuous innovative business process, and also develop the growth capacity of the countries in which it operates.

What are the businesses (companies) owned by Mr Nick Danso Adjei Abbeam?

Mr Danso is the chief executive officer of the Nick Group of companies which comprises Ghana Link, the Royal Nick Hotels chain, the Royal Light chain, and Nick TC Scan (Ghana and Sierra Leone).

Alic Inspection Company, Export Gold Ethanol Inspection Company, Global Export Company of Guinea Bissau, Misyl Energy BDC, Nick Petroleum and several other companies.

Mr Nick Danson Adjei Abbeam Danso Net Worth

Currently, Mr Nick’s net worth stands at a staggering $2 billion making him the only person in Ghana to be worth that huge amount of money.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi TV, the Ghanaian business icon said everybody in his lifetime would once meet his fortune time but it takes total boldness and aggressiveness to make one discover his gifted opportunity.

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