Kwaw Kese rejoices over COP Kofi Boakye’s retirement from the Ghana Police Service

Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese has sent a fresh clapback message to retired police chief COP Kofi Boakye.

This comes right after COP Kofi Boakye announced his retirement from the police service after many years of service.

COP Kofi Baokye was considered one of the finest police officers the service had ever produced. Her reign as the regional commander of the Ashanti Region was highly commendable.

On the occasion of bidding him a good farewell, several heartwarming messages were sent across to appreciate his work and his professional approach to everything.

On the back of that, one of the people COP Kofi Boakye arrested and served as a thorn in his side was Kwaw Kese.

Kwaw Kese was investigated and arrested for possession of weed or Indian hemp in Kumasi when he went there to perform at a program.

COP Kofi Bokaye was the Regional Commander then and ensured that Kwaw Kese was probed, taken into custody, and surcharged.

Although he pleaded guilty and was subsequently freed, it created some sort of enmity between the rapper and the police chief.

On the occasion of his retirement from the police service, Kwaw Kese could only look back and thank goodness for time.

According to him, time is the leveller, and in the fullness of time, the once reviled COP Kofi Bokaye, who was put behind bars, has also retired.

His message read: There’s time for everything my don, a time to arrest and a time to retire. Happy retirement my don

Kwakw Kese has had several cases where he has been accused of smoking weed or being in possession of it. Although he has always come clean, many still believe that he is a heavy smoker.

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