Inspector Ahmed Twumasi: Suspect Who Took Madwoa’s Life In Adum, Kumasi Appears In Court, Family Cry In Video

Tyacoon, the suspect who perpetrated a fatal act on Madwoa in Adum, Kumasi, finally appeared in court Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, as his real name goes, is reported to have been in a romantic relationship with Madwoa prior to committing the act At the court, Madwoa’s family could not hold control their emotions as they wept their hearts out

Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, AKA Tyacoon, the police officer suspected of taking the life of the late 26-year-old Kumasi lady Madwoa in Adum, has appeared in court for the first time after the incident. In a sad video recorded by UTV at the premises of the court, the family of Madwoa could not hold their tears at the sight of the suspect as they wailed uncontrollably.

They were all dressed in black, almost turning the scene into a funeral ground. Some of them were spotted consoling one another in the emotional footage.


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