“I Like How She Bends Her Back”: Curvy Teacher in High Heels Plays Football in Open Field, Video Goes Viral

A teacher has become a viral sensation because of how she played football like a professional player Despite the fact that the lady was dressed in a skirt and high heels, she picked up the football and juggled very well After watching the video, netizens were wowed by her juggling skills, and they applauded her

A TikTok video showed a curvy teacher in heels who played football like a professional. TikTok user, @madzongo, posted a video showing how the teacher did a nice job with the football.

In the video, she stepped into the open field with the football in her hand, walking confidently as if she was going to an important match.

The lady was dressed in a long sleeve shirt neatly tucked in a straight skirt, but that did not stop her legs from moving. Also, she was wearing high-heeled shoes, but that seemed to have even helped her play better. The lady is so good at juggling the ball that she has become popular on TikTok. Some fans who have seen the video are saying the lady is exemplary and should have been a footballer instead of a teacher.


Maballer manyama @Tinashe Mutarisi muzhumwi haungarwadziwi nekuzunzwa mkoma. @Chelsea Rose Serima havangaendiwo mhiri kunodzidza?

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