“He did the girl dirty”: Close source drops shocking secrets about Reggie Zippy

An anonymous close source to Reggie Zippy and his family has dropped another shocking secret about the music star and his recent rants on social media concerning his marital home.

Not long ago we reported what as at then looked like a depressive moment of Reggie Zippy as he took to social media to call himself all manner of derogatory names. The shell has been cracked now.

A shocking revelation made by an anonymous source has brought a new twist to the case now and it’s worth reporting.

In a series of WhatsApp chats cited by GhPage editors, the anonymous source disclose the manner of which man Zippy is.

The source described the half member of the duo Reggie and Bollie as a chronic cheats who deserves no marriage. It went on to reveal how Zippy will leave home with the excuse of going to work but rather be with his sidechick.

Check out the full details below

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