Hajia4Real’s management reacts to reports of the singer’s extradition and jail sentence

Just about three days ago, a notorious-anonymous Snapchat user who is simply identified on the social media app as King Charles III wildly alleged Hajia4Real is currently pending extradition from the UK to the US.

In a series of posts he shared on the social media app, he additionally claimed that the singer’s daughter named Nalia was almost taken away from her family and placed under the custody of the government if not for the swift intervention of Hajia’s sugar daddy and her baby daddy’s family based in the states.

Reacting to these rumours, Hajia4Real’s management claims their artist is currently in the United Kingdom and no arrest of any sort has been done against her.

And neither has her daughter Naila been taken in by the American authorities.

The management of the musician to a greater extent advised the general public to disregard all rumours and also respect the privacy of the Music Diva and her family.

The statement has sparked public concern as many question her whereabouts among others including the 8 million fraud charges levelled against her.

Read the full statement from the screenshot below…


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