Ghanaian Bride Suffers A Huge Wardrobe Malfunction As Designer Fails To Tighten Her Corseted Kente Dress

A young man made a short emotional speech on his wedding day as he revealed he wanted his bride to be his all as he had no mother or father The man’s bride was teary when she heard the depth of her husband’s love for her and the pedestal he placed her on Many people who watched the couple’s videos were more focused on how the bride’s gown was designed

A short video of a man making an emotional confession to his bride on their wedding day has stirred massive reactions on social media. In the presence of his guests, the man said he had no father and mother, and he wanted his wife to be his all. After confessing a clip shared by @thekingemzy, he put a ring on her finger.

His moving speech got many people emotional. However, some were more concerned about the bride’s dress. TikTok users were not too impressed with her corset style and had questions for the designer.

In another video of the couple, the lady bride made cool dance moves in her beautiful gown, stirring more reactions. Watch the first video below:


A shift in emotions 🥺 #thekingemzy

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