Funny Face’s Baby Mama Vanessa Turns Heads At Ridge Condos All Black Party With Skimpy Dress, Displays Buxom

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, attended Ridge Condos’ All Black Party in Kumasi on Saturday, August 26, 2023 Vanessa, who arrived at the party in the company of some other ladies, rocked a skimpy dress, revealing so much cleavage The video of Vanessa and her friends has sparked criticisms from some social media users who thought the dresses were too scanty

Comic actor Funny Face’s ex-lover Vanessa Nicole turned heads as she attended a party at the Ridge Condos on Saturday, August 27, 2023. Vanessa was one of the attendees of the second day of Ridge Condos’ All Black Party in Kumasi, and she came ‘slaying’.

Arriving at the party, the mother of the actor’s twins was spotted in the company of some ladies believed to be her friends. They came showing big curves just like one lady who danced for Michy on Friday.

Just like the theme of the party suggests, Vanessa Nicole rocked a black mini-dress that hugged her body and accentuated her big curves.

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