Ebube Obio: ‘Small’ Nigerian Actress Ghanaian Lookalike ‘Ekueme’ Pops Up in A Video

A beautiful young Ghanaian actress, Abigail, who is popularly known as Ekueme, has shared her life story in a recent interview The actress and student said she is constantly mistaken for Nigerian actress Ebube Obio who shares a striking resemblance with her Ghanaians and peeps on YouTube have admired her and wished that she gets to act as a twin with the Nigerian actress in a movie together

A Ghanaian actress and student, Abigail, who shares striking similarities with diminutive Nigerian actress Ebube Obio said she had been mistaken for the Nigerian actress on several occasions.

In an interview with Ghanaian YouTuber De God Son TV, the actress, who said she got her name from singing Nigerian song “Ekueme” in a movie, shared her views on life and how her stature her life.

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