Beautiful Triplet Sisters in Long Braids Dances With Their Triplet Friends, Shake Waists Gently in Video

  • A set of beautiful triplets made cool dances moves in a video that has gone viral with their triplet friends
  • The pretty triplets who were dressed in black and red said that their friends gave them a surprised visit
  • Many who watched the video on TikTok admired the ladies as some funnily called them sextuplets

A video showing triplets, @rosestriplet, dancing with their friends who are also triplets has got many people expressing admiration.

The triplet ladies revealed that their friends came to visit them. Dressing in two separate matching clothes, six of them all danced together.

Those in black trousers and red tops stop in front during their amapiano dance performance. Many people wondered how they had such friends.

Many people who reacted to the video praised their beauty.

Watch the video below:


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