Ayisha Modi curses Diamond Appiah for duping her

Ayisha Modi has once again called out her former friend Diamond Appiah for duping her of huge sums of money with the assurance of getting her a piece of land.

Some time back, Ayisha Modi came out to disclose that Diamond Appiah took an amount of over $40,000 from her with the agreement of getting her land but up until the day she was making the disclosure she was yet to see the land.

Ayisha Modi subsequently reported the case ad the matter has been taken to court but from the look of things seems the plaintiff is not happy with the way the matter is going.

In a new video making waves, Ayisha Modi is seen shedding tears and asking why bad things are always happening to her.

According to her, she has been working hard for her money in the United States but someone she regarded as a friend by the name of Diamond Appiah defrauded her.

Watch her speak below:

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