After 11 Months In “Exile” Abena Korkor Makes An Epic Return

Controversial media personality, Abena Korkor who has been off social media for 11 months has finally made a comeback.

Abena Korkor has been a force to reckon with especially with her series of exposé about big men and women in Ghana.

Abena Korkor who is a bipolar patient uses social media to “manage” her discomfort anytime she gets a relapse. This has earned her some friends and haters.

Majority of married men who have slept with her were not spared during her relapse. She went into details about how each of them treated her and what she gained from them.

As Abena’s social media rants kept causing problems in the homes of a lot of men, she decided to go off for a while to be able to treat herself.


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